dramas. Plays that do not patronize the audience, such as the children in your class, should be used in your classroom. theater productions that use their platform to investigate important topics. You can read any one of them or you can read them all!

Make sure you give me your full attention.

Obedience, politeness and respect are qualities that will be associated with teenagers of the future. Their entire existence can be summed up in two categories: right or wrong. Both categories are equally applicable to them. The biggest blame for the outcome of this situation lies with the “observation sessions” required by the government. On closer inspection, however, this picture of utopia reveals a darker reality lurking beneath its surface. There are times in life when nothing seems to be going right.

A patient receiving chemotherapy

A collection that examines the impact of cancer on the lives of young people from the perspective of those affected by the disease. The characters deal with the problems of saying the word “cancer” out loud, the difficulty of admitting that a friend or family member has cancer, and the challenge of finding the energy and attitude needed to fight the disease.

First things first: the chicken.

Why did the chicken decide to cross the road even though it was so crowded? What makes the sky a beautiful blue? What is the solution to the equation two plus two? What made him decide to take his own life? When they try to make sense of the reality that someone who seems to have it all would choose to end his life, a group of teenagers are left with more questions than answers. They are trying to understand why someone who had everything would take their own life.

What exactly is it that you know?

Everyone knows about the kept secret. Some keep them quiet. Some of them have allowed them to escape for free. The events that occur in a school when rumors and secrets get out of control are shown in this drama, which is conveyed exclusively through monologues and has no other form of narration. The following factors contribute to the reliability of a secret: When will people start telling the truth? Or in case it turns out to be a lie?

The Voyage of the Titanic When We First Sailed on a Sea of ​​Dreams

An outstanding drama that focuses on the development of its characters and offers a new perspective on a scandalous event. Three sisters prepare for a new start in the United States while crammed into a tiny third-class cabin. The ship comes to a complete stop and the ship’s emergency sirens start wailing. The girls were instructed to stay in their own cabins. Another passenger claims that there is currently a problem with the ship taking on water.

The Turning Point in Awakening

Julie considers Rhonda her best friend and Julie would do anything in the world to be just like Rhonda. She gets her wish when she wakes up one morning in Rhonda’s bed; however, no one seemed to notice that she was there. Julie comes to the realization very quickly that Rhonda’s supposedly perfect existence is actually a living nightmare for her. Discusses the problem of sexual violence and its consequences.


Everyone comes from a different background. “At once modern and ancient, finished and unfinished.” The story of Anonymous is the story of every teenager: there is the new kid trying to fit in, the best friends, the love interests, the young man hiding in the corner with his secret, and the group of people who all want to belong together. Teenagers who call themselves members of Anonymous will refer to themselves only as “I” and “You.” They represent each individual.

Discoveries made by Rogue

Rogue is home to some of the finest waterfront properties to be found right on the water. She is not at all worried about living in a cardboard box, despite the fact that it serves as her home. On the other hand, there are people who are not bothered by it in the least. They issued an immediate request for Rogue to evacuate the beach. Now. Rogue, on the other hand, isn’t just running away from her family;